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THROW THE BOOK AT HIS ASS. Library Stalker Demanded Oral Sex from Two Females.

 Nothing is worse than someone who cant shut the fuck up in the library. That someone Justin Tyler Harris, 24 years old. Hairline receded as fuck, and from Gainsville Florida. And I hope to God he ain’t a Gators fan. I know y’all people cooler that this motherfucka. Anyways, Justin decided to enter the ladies room at a […]

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 This old decrepit Bastard is Carlos Garrido 79 of Baton Rouge LA. Ladies beware of Ol’ Carlos. Y’all should know that his dusty ass is married, but if you thinking about creeping and sleeping with him you best beware. ‘Cause Carlos prefers you keep secrets hidden real deep. Garrido is accused of dousing his longtime mistress […]

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GET OUTTA MAH DREAMS. GET ONTO MAH CARRR! Florida Couple engage in Late Night Sex Play at Auto Dealership

*mugshot courtesy of Palm Beach County Jail*  Remember when people used to have sex in the backseat of cars? Well these two took it to another level. Meet Erin Byrd, 18 and Ramon Mitchell 29 of West Palm Beach. They got caught NAKED and fucking on the roof of a car at MIKES AUTO SALES […]

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BATON ROUGE BEAST MODE. Louisiana Freaks post online Animal Sex.

*mugshot courtesy of Ascension Parish Jail* These two filthy animals are Johnathan Small, 31 and Jessica Chaney, 27 of Gonzales Louisiana. Just your average couple engaging in online animal sex and posting it online, really and truly sex between these two could be considered beastiality in itself…although I think Jessica is pretty hot. Now even […]

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WAY TO BLOW YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. Oral Sex Adventure Behind the Wheel Lands Louisiana Duo in the Slammer

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These two circus freaks are Mario Espinal 33 and Arletha Alexander 46 both of Kenner Louisiana. Just Imperfect starangers. One needing a ride home, the other in need of a blow job. Story credit to NOLA.COM… A Kenner Police officer discovered the couple after first noticing an oncoming vehicle headed southbound on Williams Blvd about 10 p.m. on […]

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MR. McCHICKEN-SHIT. Loving Husband attacks Pregnant Spouse with McDonalds Chicken Sandwich.

This is Marvin Tremayne Hill II, 21 of Des Moines Iowa. He ‘s the greatest damn husband a woman could ever find. He got charged with domestic abuse after attacking his pregnant wife with a McChicken Sandwich.. That’s right. A Got-Damn 99 cent McChicken. As the story goes, Marvin was in the middle of an […]

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CRANBERRY SAUCED. Thanksgiving Afternoon Nap ends in DWI Arrest.

This is Farrell Markis, 39 of Allentown PA. Just like most Americans on Thanksgiving, he decided to indulge heavily and take a mid-afternoon nap…But don’t blame it on the Tryptophan from Turkey!!! Mr. Markis decided to take his nap in his 2003 Ford Van IN THE MIDDLE of a Staten Island highway Route 440 at OUTERBRIDGE CROSSING […]

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CARVED, BUT NOT STARVED. Angry Girlfriend Stabs Her BOO For Starting Thanksgiving Without Her.

 This cutie is Jacklyn Blake, 47 of Wilkes Barre PA. She got charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault, reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats. This was after chasing her boyfriend down and stabbing him because he ate Thanksgiving Dinner too early. According to the boyfriend, Jacklyn was sleeping it off ’cause she had […]

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GET OUT OF JAIL “FEE”. New Hampshire Girl Slaps Boyfriend over MONOPOLY Dispute.

This is Alyssa Ferraro, 21 of Hookset Hew Hampshire. She got a domestic violence and simple assault charge after slapping her boyfriend over a disagreement while playing Monopoly. Now instead of playing with fake color money, it took $2,000 worth of the real ones to post bail. A court date is scheduled later for Dec, 31. […]

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ROMANTIC IN WILLMANTIC. Babysitter accused of Repeated Hook-ups with 10 yr. old Boy.

This is Marybeth Ratiac, 25 of Willmantic Connecticut. She faces felony charges after repeatedly having three sexual encounters while babysitting a 10 yr.old boy and his siblings in Meriden Ct. Rataic was  arraigned at Meriden Superior Court after being charged with three counts of  first-degree sexual assault and seven counts of risk of injury to a  […]

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