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BREAKING AND ENTERING! Florida Teenagers just needed a place to have Sex.

These two are Allison Riddle and Evan Jones both 18 of Bradenton Florida. Two Florida teens broke into a Bradenton home – not to steal, but just to have sex. Both were each charged with burglary of an unoccupied home after police called the homeowner in Michigan, who insisted on pressing charges against the pair. Police […]

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EASY, SLEAZY, BUTTERFACE, COVER-UP GIRL. Arkansas Hottie busted for stealing $144.00 worth of EYE SHADOW

This is Brandy Allen, 31 of Fayetteville Arkansas. She faces charges of shoplifting and disorderly conduct after stealing $144.00 worth of Eye-Shadow from an ULTA BEAUTY STORE.   Brandy steadfastly stated, “NO ONE FUCKING SAW HER STEAL ANYTHING”….so naturally we have to take this young lady at her word and believe that this shit never happened and […]

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HE AIN’T PERVY. HE’S MY BROTHER. Louisiana Politician’s Bro in Hot Water for Sexual Assault

This is Richard Reed, serial rapist, 65 of Covington Louisiana. You don’t know him and you probably don’t care where the fuck that parish is either. All you should know is that Richard Reed’s brother is Walter Reed, who serves as the District Attorney of St. Tammany parish…Wherever that area in bumfuck Louisiana don’t matter. All St.Tammany care about is St […]

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I GOT MY MOJO WORKING! Hide N Seek Drug Smuggling Operation Goes Awry.

This fine young lady is Porscha Montana, 26 of Covington La.  She masterminded a hide and go seek MOJO smuggling operation at a Parish Prison . St. Tammany detectives alleged Porscha hid synthetic marijuana at pre-determined locations where jail inmates were scheduled to work. All they had to do was report to work, seek and find […]

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BIRD-BRAIN. Teenage Douchebag runs down Seagulls with Pick-Up Truck

This is Wesley Franatovich, 17 of Carriere Mississippi. He’s a Straight A Student, Eagle scout, now convicted felon for killing some random ass birds in a mall parking lot…one that is apparently a prime spot for Seagull killers. Some other douchebag named Jackoby Bertot got 6 months and fines for killing 49 of them in […]

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ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Miami-Dade Police Officer can’t resist his hunger for Young Boys

This is James H Edwards III 47, of Miami Fl.  The 27 yr. veteran of the Miami Dade Police force, has an insatiable appetite for young boys. It has practically destroyed his career. Edwards III was booked into jail early Wednesday charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and exhibition. He stands accused of giving a minor drugs and alcohol. […]

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HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGIE IN DA WINDOW? Missouri Church leader sought Animals for Sex on Craigslist.

This is Jerald Hill, 56 of Roach Missouri. He was Church Leader and CEO of the Windermere Baptist Conference Center. He was…until they found out that he likes to fuck dogs. Brother Hill was arrested on suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse. Authorities began investigating Hill after the Boone County Sheriff’s […]

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ITS NOT DELIVERY. ITS NEW ORLEANS– 63 yr old Pizza Delivery Man brutally beaten in New Orleans

These two assholes are Quinn Jones,18 and Milton McCoy,19 of New Orleans- They both deserve the electric chair ’cause they beat up on a 63 yr. old pizza deliveryman with a baseball bat… That’s right, they beat up an old man for no reason. Didn’t take money. Just inflicted hurt on an old man who […]

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So much for that first impression. This is Lorie Hill, 49 of Wagoner Oklahoma. She showed up for her FIRST DAY of work at Wagoner High School intoxicated, pantless and shoeless. Wagoner Police Chief Bob “THE SLOB” Haley stated that she was found in an empty classroom with no pants on. The police officer on scene could “smell a […]

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GREG ODEN,WORST NBA PLAYER EVER- Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges.

 This is Greg Oden, 26 of Ohio. He’s quite possibly the worst NBA player in the history of the sport. He was pretty much  a piece of shit…and that was before being arrested on domestic violence charges. Oden was arrested early Thursday morning in Lawrence, Ind., and faces a preliminary charge of battery after allegedly […]

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