…………….14 yr.Old Boy tries to Blackmail Teacher in …………….Sex-Tortion Plot Gone wrong

This fool is Thao “Sandy” Doan 27, a former teacher at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School in Dallas Texas. She had sex with a 14 yr.old student, but he turned around and tried to extort the teacher for 28,000 dollars in exchange for his silence.

Earlier this month, the boy’s mom reported that he was getting from Doan “large amounts of money” he was using for “illegal purposes” and causing problems at home.

The mom told the school’s administration that she wanted the payments to stop. She also handed over screen shots of messages that indicated her son had asked for the money and Doan had said she didn’t have any, police said.

“Anit [expletive] watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I anit playing,” the messages read, according to police. (The boy cant spell the word ain’t for shit)

Doan is listed on the school district’s website as a cross-country and soccer coach.

She told police she communicated with the boy over Instagram, text and the messaging app Kik before they had sex at a park in the summer of 2015. She said they also had sex between November and December of that year.

 In January 2016, she said, someone she didn’t know contacted her and threatened to tell police about the relationship if she didn’t give him money. She said she continued to get calls from different numbers about different drop-off places for the payments.

Doan had sex again with the student in December 2016.

 The boy has been in and out of the juvenile system on burglary and robbery charges. The mother told the station she knows her son was wrong but she believes Doan should have known better as the adult in the scenario. 

‘She did very bad. She did bad,” the mother said, “and I’m not condoning what he did because I know he was wrong at what he also did because blackmailing is not acceptable.”

 Well, the boy’s mom was the responsible person in this whole damn mess. Blowing the whistle was the right thing to do. I know she tried her best to raise that child, but he’s a piece of shit, and the Teacher is a fucking fool. I really thought Asian women were above this kind of foolishness, but I guess the fuck not. You get what you fucking well deserve when you have sex with stupid ass 14 yr. old boys. How the fuck she thought she could sweep this bullshit under the rug these days is beyond my comprehension. This shit got my pressure up. Mann FUCK.  I know for a fact that Raul Quintanilla Sr. wouldn’t stand for his teachers slanging pussy at his school without at least breaking him off some. Bad trouble. Bad Trouble.