3 Hotties get Busted!


Three hotties got busted for killing another woman involved in the drug trade. I bet you can’t guess what that drug it was just by looking at their faces! ….Ok maybe you can, it was methamphetamine. The women, Jessica Elizabeth Brewer, 31; Dhanvantarivisnu Cramer, 33; and Alexandria J. Schmidt, 32 are former Victoria Secret models who just happened to make a few mistakes….. just kidding, they live in the trailer park down the street. The women attacked Jacobs at Schmidt’s west Cocoa trailer because they believed Jacobs was providing information to law enforcement about the group’s illegal activities. After the attack, the suspects moved Jacobs’ body — along with other evidence — to another location. Be careful who you friend on Facebook. Especially if they look like these three and sell Meth.

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