………..7 Years for Candy Theft.

 This is Idris Allen. NOT world the Famous Idris Elba. While Women love the Black Chocolate Elba, Poor Idris ALLEN just craved Chocolate much too much…..

The 38-year-old Allen admitted in state Superior Court that he robbed the same 7-Eleven three times in a four-day period last December, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office announced.

Idris Allen’s robbery trial had been scheduled to begin before Judge Verna Leath in Newark, but Allen instead pleaded guilty to first-degree armed robbery, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Jason Goldberg said in a statement.

Authorities said Allen entered the store, in the 700 block of Broad Street, on Dec. 8, 10 and 11, each time stealing candy and brandishing a knife when confronted by store personnel. When Allen entered the store for a second time on Dec. 11 and again attempted to leave with more merchandise, he was followed by the store manager from the first robbery, who pointed him out to police.

Police arrested Allen across the street from the Newark police precinct on Broad Street, where he was trying to discard his clothes, he still had the knife with him at the time of his arrest. Allen is expected to be sentenced to SEVEN years in state prison, and will have to serve 85 percent of his sentence before he’s eligible parole. Allen’s sentencing has been scheduled for April 24.

 Let this be a lesson about fame and infamy. One Idris chose to take his life to fame and fortune, the other Idris decided to waste it stealing some stupid ass candy bars. One Idris gets his choice of the most beautiful women in the world, makes movies with the white cheerleader from Varsity Blues…


While the other Idris will sleep among MEN, share toilets with MEN, and exchange Honey Buns with…MEN and have prison sex with Tobias Beecher.

I mean its some candy bars. Dude, you aren’t 12 yrs old, fucking around in the blissful ignorance of youth. You 38 years old sticking up people for some fucking chocolate bars. Are you fucking stupid?  Snickers ain’t never been that good. The good days they was FULL-SIZE. Not the down-size jawns they pushin’ now. 

 Now these Zeros was the shit back then. If you was by yourself, you could get by with holding one, but always roll with two if hanging’ with your buddies. These motherfuckers was on the small side, but they was like white women…always sweet, always tasty. once you got your first one…fuck everything else.


See these right here, no Nigga in the world could resist these. To share this one, you might have to break this muthafucka among 12 people and you end up with just a bite off this bitch, and you was the one who spent the dollar. Now if you was selfish, this bitch melt in you pocket and you had a fucking mess on your hands. It was worthless, then you stuck it in the fridge to give it life, but its stuck to the paper. These fuckers always gave you a crippling case of the shits if you ate it melted.