This is Marina Lynn Baker 28 of Ocala Florida. She’s homeless, but apparently what goes on in the streets is fair game. Maria allegedly fucked two teen-aged boys 12 and 14 in  the public bathroom of “The War Memorial,” which is located on West Silver Springs Blvd and Martin Luther King Avenue.

Maria Lynn Baker was arrested by Detective Melissa Buetti early Saturday morning on two counts of lewd and lascivious battery — based in part on video evidence — after the suspect declined to talk with Buetti about the allegations.

Baker, who was listed as homeless … called the agency on Friday night to report the juveniles before they told on her. Baker, however, did not tell officers what the boys had supposedly done.

An officer went to West Silver Springs Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, where Baker and another woman were arguing. The woman showed the officer a video of Baker having sex with a boy. The officer detained her, and Baker told the officer that she was going to jail anyway so he should arrest her, according to OPD.

Buetti learned that Baker was having sex with two 12- to 14-year-old boys inside a bathroom at the War Memorial, 1501 W. Silver Springs Blvd., according to OPD officials.

Well, no matter how far we THINK we have evolved as a society, one thing is for sure, Street Life will always remain. No matter how they try to clean the street, there will always be an MLK Avenue, ST. BLVD…ETC. and there will always be trouble. And as long as there are homeless women freely tossing pussy MLK Avenue, mayhem will be the result. No regards to the Veterans of the USA, and surely no regards for Martin Luther King either.  

Not sure what level of homelessness this woman is, but there is an air of mystery about her. I wonder about her TEETH. We can’t tell the condition… I’m sure of one thing though, if she stay fucking teenagers, then surely she gonna stay broke. She sorely needs a Pimp’s guidance, if only Pimps still existed. Say what you will, under a Pimp’s Hand, she would at least have a roof over her damn head to work with. She would have got some guidance and some fucking direction in her life, a lesson in Pussy Economics. She smiling like a fucking fool, cause she is one. A good pimp would have slapped some sense in this bitch, told her not to be fucking them little boys. Get to making some dollars. This bitch ain’t got her game face on. She a clown.