California Chainsaw Massacre


This is Marvin Daniels and he is 63. Marvin decided to try and pull off a California Chainsaw Massacre. The first victim was to be his roommate. Fortunately for his roommate, Marvin is a loser at life and couldn’t pull it off. Tensions were rising at the home where the two resided when Marvin blew his top because his roommate kept “using” his pornographic magazines. This led Marvin to grab is chainsaw, fire it up and chase his roommate around the house. The roommate barricaded himself in his room so Marvin went outside, removed the screen, turned the chainsaw back on and stuck it inside the open window. He should have chainsawed down the door, the guy is looking at an attempted murder charge for crying out loud. He should have sawed through some sh!t. If you are going to do something half ass, don’t do it at all <—– the lesson for today, I half ass a lot.


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