……………..Delgado School advisor Drops Tuition for …………….Female. But She Didn’t Drop Her Draws

 This is Rashad Harold, 36 of Del-Ghetto school system. He’s in big trouble for getting too pimpish with a prospective female student. He used his power to pull strings and drop a girls tuition, got too aggressive seeking the payback. She didn’t ask no special favors, but the details state she didn’t turn down the favor either. Now she had to be some kind of stupid to think that a nigga wasn’t gonna ask for something in return. Come on now. These dudes be like roaches they going in, all they need is just a small opening. They not asking nothing…they going in. Tuition drop? Shiiiit. You know damn well a nigga wanted some pussy. How the fuck you think Forrest Gump got into public school and avoided Special Ed?? When the Principal ask Miss Gump for that ass, well she step up to the plate for son and got it done. It was worth her son’s future. 

Do the math. That’s a big 4,289 dollar drop. Ol’ Boi should definently have talked it over with her first. This really makes me ?????? how this nigga kept his job that long & how many out of state girls got freebies. Serious shit…but you know this ain’t new. Lot of y’all done done fucked them old fat-ass men on the side to get by. I get it. Its behind closed doors.  You can’t say you don’t disagree with the price cut, but object to the return of favor. You gotta say NO to both… This nigga done lost a good job by being reckless, but its on him. absolute pussy corrupts absolutely.

  NOPD sex crimes investigators arrested the Delgado Community College admissions adviser Thursday after a woman claimed he groped her and wanted sexual favors in return for helping with tuition concerns. The woman moved from Chicago six months ago and said she went to campus to speak with someone about tuition payment options. The alleged victim said Harold sexually assaulted her inside of his office at the Student Services Center. 

“He told me to close the door at one point to have a little bit more privacy because he wanted to discuss payment issues. If anyone on the outside office was to walk in, he didn’t want anyone to hear. I closed the door and he told me how he could switch me from an out-of-state resident to an in-state resident and it could save me a couple thousand dollars,”  “When I got up to leave, he was like ‘you owe me’. I was kind of side-eying him. He was like ‘you owe me for helping you out on the tuition changes’,” she said. “When I got up, he got up as well. He proceeded to interlock his arms around my waist and he was inches away from my face begging for a kiss. You know touching all over my body, all over my thighs, all over my back end, and he was extremely aggressive with it. I couldn’t get out of his arms. We were closed in the office alone.”

The woman said the struggle to get out of Harold’s arms lasted more than a minute. Shaken by the encounter that happened on a Friday, she said she left Delgado’s campus that day and made her official report with campus police. 

“The campus police told me he would be placed on leave while the investigation was open but he was never even placed on leave. He was still on campus,” she said. “I didn’t feel safe on campus so I did dropped all of my classes. I was just going to find another option. I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t feel comfortable and I feel like they didn’t handle their jobs at all.”

While campus police investigated her claim, Harold continued to see students in his office. NOPD investigators arrested Harold at his office. He was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery. 

The alleged victim said she never agreed to give Rashad any favors in return for reducing her tuition. 

“I wouldn’t disagree with taking money off of my tuition, but I never agreed to that’s a favor. I never agreed to can I get anything in return for this or anything.”

There you have it….the nigga played himself. Fuck the bullshit. Ol’ girl was ready to scoot off with the discount, now she might get her whole education paid off from this.