This is former New Orleans Saints WR Robert Meachem. He helped the Saints win their first Championship, but now he sitting in a Louisiana jail cause he owe over $400,000 in back child support and alimony payments. He could buy his freedom and get released if he come up with $100,000 to his ex-wife, otherwise he stay in jail for a month.

You could read this sad story and get bored by the numbers and the he said she said shit, you could look this shit up and get that. Thats not why you here reading my stuff. I try to inform you the best way I could, and entertain. Fuck the numbers. You know 400,000 is a hard pill to swallow, especially to a guy with no career left to speak of. NFL wise, he’s done. His earning potential is ZERO.

Child support is a bitch. These dudes just playing with fire fucking with these females having these children (lottery tickets), then being held for ransom when shit don’t go the way it go. You think a nigga would learn from his predecessors and not make the same mistake. I guess its like when them Catholic Priests was fucking them lil boys, then the Teachers took over then it became the usual thing. Niggas gonna be hit with child support till the end of time unless the law change, and don’t look like its changing no time soon.

30 days is a short time, but in jail that ain’t easy. Who the fuck love to go to jail?? unless you stupid and really don’t give a fuck you should do everything in your power not to go. I really don’t think Robert Meachem is in any danger of getting shanked or raped in there either. 2009 Saints still are beloved in NOLA and that should keep his on good terms with everyone, including the punks. No salads getting tossed, nobody getting “Rawed Out”

Fucking Child Support tho’ When will they learn?