Frankenstein’s Monster arrested on his Birthday


This is Frankenstein’s Monster and he was arrested on his 28th Birthday. Frankenstein’s Monster needed cash. He also had a gun. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Need Cash + Gun = Robbing convenience stores. He was able to hit 4 stores in a 90 minute period before he was caught by the Police. Here is a picture of him in action.

It wasn’t until after he was arrested that police began to suspect that this wasn’t Frankenstein’s Monster at all. “I think it is a man in a mask” one officer is quoted as saying. Sure enough, it was none other than Christopher Orr. He needed cash because no one bought him presents for his birthday. This story makes me think how excited I am about Halloween being right around the corner.

Here is Christopher Orr. He actually kinda looks like Frankenstein’s Monster.

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