Free Donkey Show!


A farmhand got a free donkey show. He was busy looking for mushrooms under horse patties when he got a free donkey show from Carlos Romero. Carlos thought no one was around and decided it was a good time to get busy with a miniature donkey. You can tell by his mugshot that he is pretty happy about it. It might also be because in Florida having mad, sweaty  donkey sex is only a misdemeanor. Carlos made several other admissions below on the Police Report.This makes me feel sorry for any animals who live in Florida.

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5 thoughts on “Free Donkey Show!

  1. Keith

    lmao “Florida is a backward state and people frown on Zoophilia here”

    Um, what state is he from that doesn’t? That whole confession made me laugh. Clearly this guy is out of his mind.


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