I drive my boat like an A-Hole – Video Included

boat crash

The driver of this boat pictured on the left is Marvin Carter. He invited some friends up to the Lake of the Ozarks to ride with him on his boat. Unfortunately for his friends, Marvin is not only an asshole, he drives his boat like one too! He ignores the rules of the lake and drives as fast as he damn well pleases. Screw the other boaters! In the end it was Marvin and his friends who got screwed when Marvin crashed his boat. He’s being cited for speeding and imprudent operation of the boat.   Five of the seven people on board were hospitalized, four of them with moderate injuries including broken bones. This reminds me of some of my a-hole friends. The Video is below.

The Video is here

Boat Crash

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One thought on “I drive my boat like an A-Hole – Video Included

  1. Keith

    Oh man watching that guy dump across the boat was just classic. I feel for his passengers though. Unfortunately they had no control over stupidity. It always amazes me how stupid people become when you put some power between their legs / under their feet.


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