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I need Sex


This is Crystal Rusaw and she needs sex. She needs sex so badly that she left her children aged 4 years, 3 years and 10 months alone so she could get her freak on with the neighbor for a couple of hours and then take a nap. Police discovered this when her 4 year old crapped her pants and took the 10 month old on a stroll across a 4 lane freeway at 5am in the morning. She admitted to the crime and stated that her vagina was hungry. I am mystified by this one folks. I seriously have no words.

For more about the mother who leaves her kids home alone so she can have sex, read this Huffington Post story.

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2 thoughts on “I need Sex

  1. megamouth

    WTH is wrong with ppl? I mean, she just had a baby 10 months ago…and 2 yrs before that, and one year before THAT. These poor babies could have died tragically, but she won’t think of it that way. She’s obviously far too selfish.


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