OK, OK. These two are Jeremiah Isiah Robinson, and the now famous Brittney Jones. Maybe I’m late to this party, but this my two cents on this shit. This particular couple had sex in the Duval County Courthouse on Jan. 31st. Brittney recorded it and sent it viral. She still on the loose, but Robinson turned himself in.


Authorities started investigating after the particular video surfaced on social media showing a man receiving oral sex from a woman in front of what appears to be a courtroom…(Yes its a fucking courtroom. Yes she was fucking..and sucking)

Jones was in the courthouse for an arraignment on a Jan. 19 arrest for drug paraphernalia, BUT THE CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

Neither person involved works for the Sheriff’s Office.

Trial Court Administrator Joseph Stelma Jr. said last week he did not believe the man was a courthouse or Clerk of Courts employee. But wished he was in that pussy.

The incident also was captured on a courthouse security camera. And re-wound several hundred times..and dubbed, and saved.

First off, NO NEED TO PANIC about finding the Video. Its there. Brittney Jones is NOT all hard to find. She’s been flying her freak flag all over the internet for quite some time now. So no its shock she fucking and sucking in a Courthouse. Just know its Brittney Jones that will come out winning despite the charges coming forth.

When she posted the video, she captioned it, “Had so much fun at court today. Found a way to get my charges dropped. … Ssssssh don’t tell.”  Really though, the drug paraphernalia charges were already dropped, and Mr.Robinson just was along for the ride, ’cause he has no affiliation with the Courthouse whatsoever. Just a prop.

 All this shit was a carefully planned hustle for fame and fortune, and I’m not mad at her.  Ol’ boy who got that ass sure got a story to tell his grandkids, but the real star is Brittney.  With all the freaky shit available on the web, a girl really gotta do something wild to stand out. How long her 15 minutes of candle burn is anyone’s guess. She seems to have some staying power. Got plenty of high quality videos and content. Love you Brittney for your contributions to the World Wide Internet. Wish you the best in future endeavors

Also, SOMEBODY NEED TO SET UP A GO FUND ME ACCOUNT and spring bail for this bitch. If people putting up money for that dumb motherfucker (8-Booth) who broke both his feet trying to jump into a pool, then you can sure  as fuck put up money for this fine-ass freek. I’d rather keep her making fuck videos, than some stupid shit-head jumping off buildings any day of the got-damn week. That’s the kind of risk-taking I like to see. Fuck the all the dumb shit.