This is Amy Suzanne Pohlman, from Ponte Vedra Florida. She got busted playing a fake nurse with fake credentials, and no valid license.

A Sheriff’s Office release said Pohlman claimed to be a registered nurse, to have a PhD and that she was an advanced registered nurse practitioner. She was hired as nurse administrator for a Ponte Vedra Beach company (Ponte Vedra Home Care) in October 2015.

Pohlman had documents saying she had a nursing license at the time. Her duties included writing up care plans, clients visits and assisting with the company’s marketing. As she became familiar with more clients, she offered nursing care independently asa care manager, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

In June, company officials became suspicious after attempting to determine whether Pohlman’s nursing license was still valid because they couldn’t find that she was licensed.

The company notified the Department of Health. Pohlman resigned, and an investigation began.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Special Victims’ Unit along with the assistance from a medical investigator from the Jacksonville Office of the Florida Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit took over the investigation in September and discovered that the suspect had signed a DNR order and created a fake ARNP license. She is also charged with performing a physical exam on an applicant of the home care company.

The investigation revealed that the suspect did not have a doctorate of philosophy of physiology degree that she claimed, nor did she have a master’s or any other degree in nursing.

Detectives also located an award plaque that was displayed in her office from the Trustees of the Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, issued on March 9, 2016, in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was determined that there was no such award given by the Mayo Clinic, and investigators found that the suspect ordered and paid for the plaque which was created at a local awards business in Jacksonville.

Well, you can fake it till you make it…Or get fucked by student loans and schools like out of business ITT Tech and their bullshit. You either bury yourself in crippling debt and pay for that fake ass associates and bachelors, or you just come up with the bitch like instant coffee. 

 I DO know she done wrong, and plenty people feel played…but I admire the hustle. Amy you just reached too fucking far in my opinion. Maybe if you just stayed humble with the awards & shit then maybe just maybe you would still be “practicing” your skills. But making up that Mayo Clinic shit just brought too much heat. Flew too fucking close to the sun like Kid Icarus. 

I know I prefer a white woman for anything involving healing anyhow. They just got that gift of making a nigga feel good. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice fine nurse of any color, but them white women just know how to get you right. I smell their hair, and instantly feel my pain subside. I aint the only motherfucker to feel like that either. No shame. But like I said before, this woman took herself too serious and started believing her own hype. 

I pray you shake back from this Miss Amy. There always is porn. Always porn.