………………Principal Of Pleasure.

This is Matthew Lindsey of Oak Grove Missouri. He’s the former Principal of Winnetonka High School. Lindsey was the North Kansas City High School District’s Principal of the year for 2015. Now he just a Player of Year who got played.  As the tragedy goes, Principal Lindsey got involved with a 16 yr.old student 10 years ago and now the charges come forth.  For all the good this man accomplished, should it be tarnished because he got some young trim?  We gonna tear it all down cause he sought pleasure? The sex was Sensual, and the “victim” definently reaped the benefits of having a  Rich White Sugar Daddy. Just question the timing 10 yrs later. For all the lives this man touched, the one touched the most done got him in hot water. 


Lindsey, a 48-year-old married father living in Oak Grove, Missouri, had sex with an underage female student approximately 20 times over an eight-month period, between October 1997 and May 1998. Authorities allege the relationship began when the student was 16 and Lindsey was approximately 29.

During that school year, Lindsey was the assistant principal, athletic director and boy’s basketball coach for the high school in Richmond, Missouri, where his alleged victim was a student. She graduated in 1999, according to court records.

 The girl was an underage cheerleader Lindsey had befriended on the school bus to out-of-town basketball games, when they would sit together.

The victim told investigators she was 16 when she first allegedly met Lindsey for sex at his former residence in Richmond and a hotel in Lafayette, Missouri, according to court records.

The affidavit claims Lindsey gave the girl gifts and cash over the course of their affair, which turned physical after Lindsey asked the victim if she did “deliveries” for the pizza place where she worked.

The victim told police Lindsey gave her money to buy a dress on her 17th birthday, the affidavit alleges. The victim also told detectives a friend knew of her alleged encounters with Lindsey, and the friend confirmed to police driving the victim to Lindsey’s home on several occasions.

 The alleged victim came forward with her allegations in late October 2016 Nobody knows  what prompted the victim to report her alleged sexual relationship with Lindsey nearly two decades later. A Ray County prosecutor’s spokeswoman declined to address the gap between Lindsey’s alleged crimes and his arrest Wednesday.

Oh, so no one knows what made the “victim” come forward and dig this skeleton back up?? Was it jealousy?? Pizza Hut should have taught her better than that.

For sure Mr. Lindsey was an unstoppable force in the School District. His sexual fury knew no boundaries. He worked hard, played even harder. Gave his all in the bedroom & board room. He delivered that dick.

Fucking with that young girl crossed the line. She owned his ass and he knew it. He played with fire & got burnt. 

Pussy is undefeated, and 16 yr.old girls can turn your fucking life inside out, knock your ass out like Young Mike Tyson. Not the first nor last man to get K.O.’ed.

Keep your head up Principal Lindsey, No doubt you bond out and get right.  Shake back my nigga. Leave them young hoes alone. You better than that.