Santa Claus wants Garlic Knots


This 346lb man is Santa Claus and he loves garlic knots with the passion of a thousand suns. So kids, this Christmas don’t leave cookies, leave Garlic Knots….Just kidding, this is Robert Wheeler, 48. He does love garlic knots though. He loves them so much that when the pizza delivery guy forgot his garlic knots he punched him in the face.  Police were called and Santa… I mean Robert, was arrested. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel bad for the pizza delivery guy. That job sounds like it sucks bad enough without having to worry about fatasses like this guy getting their nuts all bent out of shape over some garlic knots. As a side note Wheeler’s tattoo inventory includes ink of a bunny, a reptile, and a skeleton. He also has the word “Fat” on his left arm, and the word “Boy” on his right arm. This makes me think people have some really stupid tattoos.

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4 thoughts on “Santa Claus wants Garlic Knots

  1. Shawn

    I’d like to punch this guy back – right in his fat litle mug. You know…even the score for all the Pizza Deivery boys out there. They’d call me “Superpizza” and I’d get my own movie. I’d ride a Pizza to crime scenes instead of just flying.

    I need to know if this guy put the tat’s on before he got fat or after? That makes a difference as to whether I have more to say or not. :-)

  2. Keith

    What a douche. Even that look on his face says, “I’m a douche.”
    Like he can’t believe he got arrested because the guy forgot his garlic knots.
    Douche bags like this SHOULD be in jail.


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