This fool is Tavage Tobler 18. of St. augustine Florida. He’s the worst roomate ever. Hates to share.

 The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office arrested 18-year-old on Tuesday after responding to a residence on Herbert Street in St. Augustine.  According to the arrest report, Tobler stabbed his 44 yr. old roomate in the lower left jaw, causing bodily harm and permanent disfigurement.

The victim told investigators the altercation ensued over a Minute Maid Fruit Punch juice box. Tobler told deputies there was a fight because of the roomate drinking his juice. Tobler says things turned physical when the roomate started to put his finger in his face. Tobler then hit the victim in the face, but he claims he didn’t stab him.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Youngsters these days are the worst. Really no regards for human life, no manners, no living skills whatsoever, despite having more resources, more technology, more smart phones, more access to porn, more freedom to anything and everything….Yet they still come out like complete assholes and do awful, vengeful violent shit like this. This was over a fucking juice box!  ONE fucking juice box! A juice box at the Highest Quality would sell for about 1.25 a box. Didn’t your stupid ass go to Pre-School at least? Toddlers got better sense of themselves that this dude.

I hope he don’t expect his roomie to  suddenly forgive and bail his ass out. Tavage, you got a whole new set of roommates and sharing juice boxes won’t be your biggest worry, cause you don’t get that shit in jail. Share the toilet, share the shower, give up your zoo-zoos, and possibly share your ass.  You stupid fuck. You get what you deserve.

Bert and Ernie would never do this shit to each other. Thats what kids like me learned. We learned to respect people.  This is what happens when you don’t fund PBS Television network. Shit just like this!   Lord help us all.